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Sooth Selector develops the world's most advanced alpine ski selector tool. We develop algorithms that match your skier profile to unique measured ski data, based on our patent pending technology. Our measuring technology creates indicators based on geometry and full bending and torsion stiffness distributions. We have the world's largest ski measurements database that includes precise data about bending and torsional stiffness. Our database has over 2000 measured skis from virtually any period of the last century. Since 2015, we've been measuring most popular skis on the market and we forecast to measure 500+ skis each year.

Our technology was developed at Sherbrooke University in Quebec, Canada and is now commercially used to design skis and hockey sticks. If you're interested in joining our team, please use the contact section to get touch with us and provide us your resume and cover letter. 

Co-founders of Sooth Selector inc.


Alexis Lussier Desbiens, PhD.

AKA the SOOTHSkier, I'm one of the co-founders of Sooth Selector. I started skiing during my undergrad in mechanical engineering. Skiing has quickly become a passion and brought me to discover amazing remote locations of the world while backcountry skiing with my friends. A few years later, I decided to step up the challenge and build my own skis. I quickly realized there are few available options to measure skis and compare data. Also, I realized choosing skis is a difficult task as comparisons are not objective. That's when I started working on developing the ultimate equipment to measure skis. Our technology is now available and helps top manufacturers develop great skis. Further, I believe skiers could benefit from information to chose the right skis. That's what we are able to provide so that consumer can make better choices.


Marius Bulota, P.Eng & CSIA-3

I studied engineering so I have an alternative to skiing, but I funded my studies by skiing. I'm not sure how this whole thing worked out, but now I'm an engineer who works in the ski industry and that's great! Alexis had been bugging me with endless questions about skis and his measuring technology, until I realized how much this technology has the potentiel of helping designers and skiers. I believe a lot of skiers can have a lot more fun if they have the right equipment to ski on. For that, an independent method and objective data must be compared, and that's what we do. Our technology can make a skier experience a lot more fun. I'm now fully dedicated to the mission of helping people find their perfect skis.