Ski Fitting

What's a Ski Fit?

If you're planning to buy new skis soon, or you're simply curious to try something different, a Ski Fit is what you need. Of course, you can ask advice to your friends, to your local shop or you can read endless reviews... but nothing is better than trying skis. Who buys a car without test driving one?

The challenge is, what skis should you try before you buy? A demo center will usually carry around 50 paires of skis, which covers about 20 models. Large shops will carry over 15 brands, but they definitely don't let you access each brand to demo. 

Sooth offers the only independent and objective Ski Fit that allows you to properly select skis. From self Ski Fit where you can browse our data including over 800 skis from 40 brands, to jumping into a 2h private lesson with our SOOTHSkiers, you can select the package you're the most comfortable with.

How does it work?

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Set your profile

To set your profile, you must become a member and fill the online profile form available on the members welcome page.

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Test & comment

Browse our database entries and narrow your choices. You can start by filtering  a range of width, radius, length and select a gender. Not sure? Ask you for support on messenger, or by email.

Once you have a shorter list (under 50 options), identify one or two skis to demo. Fill our appreciation form available on the members welcome page.

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Receive your fit & buy anywhere

Based on YOUR comments, Sooth will provide you with various fit options specific to your taste. We usually suggest 2 or 3 options. You can then select what to buy and KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT!

What does it cost?

Slef serve

Best for knowledgeable skiers, browse our database and find your fit by comparing options.


  • Access to compare 800 measured skis in our database (additions of new skis annually)
  • Sort by brand, radius, waist, length, weight...
  • Consult popular comparisons and select your best fit
Mont-Sainte-anne special

Add a 2hr SEMI-PRIVATE LESSON along with your PREMIUM ski fit! You will be guided into testing recommended options for you.

56$ + open contribution*

  • Full PREMIUM Ski Fit
  • 2hrs private lesson with a SOOTHSkier
  • Maximum 3 participants
  • Discuss and understand ski properties and their relation to your skiing abilities
  • Cost of demos INCLUDED at Mont-Sainte-Anne's Sport Alpin

* When booked for a group of 3 in afternoon, a lesson costs only 56$CDN per person. The cost of the lesson includes the use of demos. 

Ski Fit partner Mont-Sainte-Anne

Got it, let's get started