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Professional Ski Fitting services

why consider a professional ski fitting?

  • Avoid crowds in shops
  •  Get what you need, not what is available
  • Complement ratings with specific information for you
  •  Consider all sizes, not the single size that was tested
  • Diversify options with small brands that are hard to demo

What is a professional ski fitting?

Skis specifically identified for what you want and who you are

Using the right skis can make the difference between a good day and a GREAT day on the hill. Owning more than one pair of skis is normal, because over the past decades, we've seen incredible diversification of options to choose from

Regular ski shops will carry five to ten brands, while large ones may carry up to twenty brands, but there are about 300 brands out there. Like micro brewers, smaller scale brands should be considered as good as any well established brands. A proper ski fitting considers options among what exists and not only what is on the shelf you're looking.

Now let's be clear: we're the biggest fans of virtually any ski shop, big or small, any brand, regardless of their volume, and any ski rating or reviewer organization. At the end, we consider everything we can and we complement with scientifically measured data, to provide you with the most appropriate choices.

How does it work?

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We provide you several options that you will love.

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What does it cost?

Professional ski fitting service

Obtain a recommendation specific to you


  • Ideal for replacing one type  of ski
  • Ideal for  adding a specific type of ski to your quiver
  • Professional personalized service
  •  Minimum of 3 similar alternatives presented
  • Discussion with a professional ski fitter