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  • At Sooth, we are passionate about sharing independently measured information about alpine skis.
  •  We're building the most complete data-driven ski comparison website available.
  •  Our application to compare alpine skis is FREE.
  •  Even a small contribution makes a big difference.
  • Your support will help us continue develop technology to measure skis, ensure data quality, develop new visual tools, add & analyze more skis and promote all brands.

In return for youR support

As a recognition for your support, we will provide you with a personalized article that will compare in depth any skis (up to 5) you would like, from our database. Interpreting certain aspects of measurements can be tricky. We spend countless hours digging ski measures and as a consequence, we have developed skills to understand precise differences between skis. Let us help you! 

Once you have provided your donation, you will be redirected to a form where you can enter what skis you would like us to compare for you.

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