Measuring Technology

SOOTH Ski profiler 1

Measure ski properties like never before. Precise measurements on geometry including radius, camber and rocker. Unique patent pending method to precisely measure bending stiffness distribution (profile) and torsional stiffness distribution (profile). Superior accuracy to laser technology.

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Measured data representation possibilities

DPS 2015 
Wailer 184

Complete geometry, bending stiffness and torsional stiffness profiles

DPS Wailer 112 RP2 Tour 1 - 178

Graph 1 - Shows the profile of the ski and weight | Graph 2 - Shows the  geometry (measured) and edge contact (full line being the effective edge and dotted lines continues up to the maximum width of the ski)  | Graph 3 - Shows the bending stiffness distribution profile (EI) and average EI | Graph 4 -  Shows the torsional distribution profile (GJ) and the average GJ. ALL MEASUREMENTS WERE TAKEN IN LESS THAN 2 MIN.

Rossignol 2017
WC9GS Ti vs Hero ST Ti vs Hero ST C

Bending stiffness and torsional stiffness profiles comparisons

Rossignol skis compare bending and torsion stiffness profiles of WC9GS Ti (titanium) versus Hero ST Ti (titanium) versus Hero ST C (Carbon)

Atomic 2017
Backland 164 vs 173 vs 182

Bending stiffness and torsional stiffness profiles comparisons

Atomic backland 2017 comparison of stiffness profile for bending and torsion between lengths (164-173-182)

Why Measure ski properties 

  • Evaluate the impacts of a design change or iterations in a matter of seconds
  • Drastically reduce cost related to on-snow testings and tester comment compilations
  • Speed-up the development of complete lines of models based on measurable key metrics
  • Calibrate computer-aided models (company design templates)
  • Compare target profile to produced profiles
  • Match pairs of skis from different attributes
  • Execute quick and accurate quality controls on mass production output compared to original design specifications
  • Communicate efficiently with distributed team

Measuring specifications overview

Precise measurements

  • 1 mm longitudinal resolution measurements
  • 0.1 mm precision on width measurements
  • Span up to 5 cm from tip and tail ends on geometry
  • Higher accuracy than laser technology
Bending stiffness bend by Mourad Mokrane from the Noun Project

Bending & Torsion

  • Unique ability to measure bending and torsional stiffness distributions (profile)
  • Designed to measure 99% of available alpine skis
  • 5% relative accuracy
  • 10 cm spatial resolution (averaging segments) ; allows
    detection of localized variations

Fast & easy

  • Under 2 minutes to perform a complete set of measurements
  • Use SKU numbers for quick product identification
  • Data immediately available in CSV format
  • Integrates with company design database and calculates internal KPI from measured values
  • Minimal operator training required
Patent pending icon from The Noun Project - Gregor Cresnar

Patent pending

  • Unique patent pending measuring technology
  • United-States No 16/061,537
  • Europe No 16874218.7 

Quotes & details

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Users of our technology

Canadian company Genuine Guide Gear develops skis and related equipment focused on backcountry skiing and snowboarding culture. They have been using our technology since 2017.

Genuine Giude Gear

Canadian hockey equipment manufacturer Bauer produces hockey sticks for every level up to NHL players.  They have been using our technology since 2017.

Bauer Hockey uses Sooth Selector technology