10 all-mountain skis for the east

Average flex for bending and torsional stiffness - All-mountain skis for men 2020

We have identified 10 all-mountain skis ideal for eastern North America. They are popular and skiers like them because they are versatile and fun in a wide range of conditions. Several of these skis have very similar geometries and can only be distinguished by their flexural and torsional stiffnesses. As it will be demonstrated, it […]

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Head Super Shape series

Choose the right SuperShape from Head

Head Super Shapes include four popular skis you have probably seen: i.Speed, i.Magnum, i.Rally and i.Titan. For 2021, the i… becomes an e. for e.Magnum, e.Rally… I would bet this line of skis is among the most popular skis around the world and certainly some of Head’s best sellers.  In this article, I’ll compare those four […]

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Rossignol’s 2018-2019 Series 7 comparison

Sooth Explores Rossignol's 7 series 2018-2019

Here’s a quick comparison of some of Rossignol’s popular skis within the 7 Serie. We compared the Sky 7, Seek 7, Soul 7 and Super 7. There are other siblings in this line of skis, but those would be some of the most common. Need help to understand our charts? Become a member and get […]

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Mont-Sainte-Anne’s Sports Alpins all-mountain demos

Sports Alpins MSA 80-90 mm: Rossignol Experience 88 TI, 84 AI, Dynastar Legend X84, X84, Head Kore 93 and Head V-Shape V10

With about 50 high end skis available at Mont-Sainte-Anne’s Sports Alpins local rental and demo center, you should be able to find something you like. They carry three leading brands: Rossignol, Dynastar and Head. You can test them, fill our appreciation questions and receive your ski fit free of charge. You can also book a […]

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Does metal really matter in skis?

Skis with metal (Ti - Titanal) versus Carbon (C)

Blizzard skis measured nearly identical from Ti version to Ca version. When skis contain metal laminates (Ti), do you expect them to be stiffer? Many companies have a model that contains metal and a counterpart that doesn’t. What’s the difference? The metal commonly used is NOT titanium, as most people think. It’s Titanal and it’s aluminum based. As a general statement, manufactures used it in expert skis to make them “powerful” (see Unofficial networks’ post about it). But our measurements show that not all skis containing Ti are actually different and we also dug out that some skis without Ti can actually be stiffer! So don’t let the marketing mislead you in your purchase, trust the measurements!

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Compare Rossignol’s Experience to Hero ST

Rossignol Experience 84 versus Rossignol Experience 88 Versus Rossignol Hero ST HD versus Rossignol Hero ST Ti

A few days ago, while attending a pro-deal event near Mont-Sainte-Anne (Quebec), a friend of mine mentioned he was looking for an all-terrain ski to add to his quiver.  He had tested Rossignol’s all-terrain Experience 88 last season and liked it, but he had found the edge-to-edge a little too long and the ski to […]

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Compare 85 to 90 mm 2018 all mountain skis

Compare all mountain skis 85 to 90 mm range 2018

Comparing all mountain skis is essential to identify the one you like. Unlike slalom skis or giant slalom skis, all-mountain skis can have extremely diverse properties of bending and torsional stiffness distribution, which translate into a huge variety of feelings on snow. Reading the manufacturer’s description or online ski reviews does not provide sufficient data […]

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