Compare 85 to 90 mm 2018 all mountain skis

Compare all mountain skis 85 to 90 mm range 2018

Comparing all mountain skis is essential to identify the one you like. Unlike slalom skis or giant slalom skis, all-mountain skis can have extremely diverse properties of bending and torsional stiffness distribution, which translate into a huge variety of feelings on snow. Reading the manufacturer description or online ski reviews does not provide sufficient data […]

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How do you choose skis?

How do you choose skis - Photo from Unsplashed

Selecting the right skis for you can be a difficult task. Skis have properties. They have a certain geometry (radius, length…), profile (camber & rocker) and a pattern of bending stiffness and torsional stiffness. The bending and torsion stiffness are intimately related to the feeling you will have on the snow. Lets review what you can do to better identify what skis are good for you.

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