Sooth Ski & Elite Skiing Pesent: Head e.Race Pro vs Atomic Redster X9 Revo vs Fisher RC4 worldcup 

 December 27, 2021

By  Marius Bulota

Here's a comparison that was requested to Sooth by Terry. We compare objectively and only with facts 3 popular high end performance skis:

  • 21/22 Atomic Redster X9 WB Revo 168cm
  • 21/22 Head Worldcup Rebels e-Race Pro 170cm
  • 21/22 Fischer RC4 WC SC 170cm

In an ideal world, I would have had access to measure all models of the same year around the length requested by Terry (176cm). However, as you may know, we measure in shops that generously grant us access to their on shelve products. So we don't always have the precise ski we would like. Since we want to be consistant, I chose to take only the 168 or 170 length that we have in our database and that are the closer we have in length.

All the information and the data displayed below can be reproduced with our Alpine Ski Comparator Application. This application is 100% free for you to use and compare any products we have measured.

Summarized, Objective And Factual Comparison

Ski Shapes

The three skis have very similiar shapes, as most high end on piste skis would have. The main difference is on the Atomic Redster X9 WB Revo that has a larger waist width with 74mm versus 67 or 66mm. The sidecut length, sometimes referred to as the effective edge is slightly shorter on the Redster X9 WB Revo for this specific length. Had we used the 176 version, the sidecut length would have been about the same as what we have on the 170cm for the e-Race Pro and the RC4 WC. The radius of the e-Race is a bit larger at 14,5m versus 13,7m on the Redster and 13,1m on the RC4. Other than that, the e-Race has significantly more camber with 14mm versus 8mm on the RC4 and 5mm on the Redster.

Bending Stiffness

There are a few differences in the bending stiffness. In order, with the stiffest at the top (average values): 

  1. Fischer RC4 WC SC 170cm
  2. Atomic Redster X9 WB Revo 168cm
  3. Head Worldcup Rebels e-Race Pro 170cm

The average values don't say the hole story, although they are great for a quick observation. The front area of the e-Race is slightly stiffer than the counterparts, while the back area of the RC4 is slightly stiffer than the counterpart. Those differences are very subtle and most skiers, even experts, will not be able to feel the difference. However, plates can have different results on the bending stiffness once boots are in the bindings. We do not measure the end result which may feel different, especially in high end products like those, that include performance plates.

Torsional Stiffness

There are also a few differences in torsional stiffness. This would be where I see most of the differences you will feel on snow. In order with the stiffest at the top, we have the same pattern (average values):

  1. Fischer RC4 WC SC 170cm
  2. Atomic Redster X9 WB Revo 168cm
  3. Head Worldcup Rebels e-Race Pro 170cm

The main considerations would be that the front area for all three is very similar. Turn initiation will feel very similar. The back area has a significant difference. This will be felt more at the end of a turn. The RC4 is significantly stiffer in torsion compared to the Redster, which at its turn will be stiffer in torsion compared to the e-Race. 

Torsional stiffness is what skiers feel the most. Essentially, stiffer in torsion means more edge grip and requires the skier to be more precise in the technique. Less torsional stiffness results into a ski that is easier to adapt, requires less precision and thus more accessible in variable conditions and terrain. 

You can consult all the values below. Please share thoughts and comments about those skis below, especially if you have skied them!

Table Comparison

Compare Shapes 

Compare Bending and Torsional Stiffness

Marius Bulota

Marius is the co-founder of SoothSki. He's also an electrical engineer, passionate of innovative technologies. Marius skis at Mont-Sainte-Anne in Canada and has travelled the world on remote backcountry adventures.

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