Head WC Rebels i.SLR 

 January 14, 2019

By  Marius Bulota

Head Worldcup Rebels i.SLR are the softest skis in the line, making them more adaptable.

Select the correct length for you

It's not always easy to select the correct length of skis. The construction can vary in different ways. It's only a few cm shorter or longer, but can be a lot stiffer and not necessarly proportional. For example here, we compare Head i.SLR versions (2019) and we can see that 160 and 165 are similar, while there is a big difference for 170.

Marius Bulota

Marius is the co-founder of SoothSki. He's also an electrical engineer, passionate of innovative technologies. Marius skis at Mont-Sainte-Anne in Canada and has travelled the world on remote backcountry adventures.

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