How do you 

SOOTH is developing the world's most advanced ski rating system. We match your profile to unique measured data based on our patent pending technology.

What ski properties matter?


Length, width, radius, tip and tail shape... we all know about those basic properties because those are visible and advertised by manufactures.

Camber & Rocker

Most people know about camber and rockers. Those are advertised by manufacturers. With SOOTH compare, you can compares those between any manufacturers.

Bending stiffness profile

Are you the one who hand bends skis in a shop? SOOTH measures the complete bending profile with the world's most advanced technology.

Torsional stiffness profile

SOOTH has the only selector tool using torsion stiffness profile. Torsion profile is what affects the most a skier's feeling on snow, it's important!

How it will work...

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your profile

Share who your are. Where do you ski? What type of terrain and style do you like to ski? Tell us your appreciation of skis you have used in the past.

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Let our database and our algorithms suggest some options. Test some options at any store or demo center and log your appreciation on SOOTH. Compare detailed differences. Our database is already accessible online, simply signup for free and browse unique data about bending and torsional stiffness.

Sooth ski selector store locator icon


Select your top fit and we'll suggest a store that carry's it near you. Make a reservation. Your skis will be ready by the time you get there or setup a delivery at your doorstep.

Become a member and browse data

Member benefits

Becoming a member is free. Once you've signed up, you can browse over 2000 skis in our database. Consult all the regular information related to size, width, camber... add to this, precise weight and our highlight: bending and torsional stiffness. Those last 2 are responsible for most of the feeling you get on snow. 

Connect with us and stay tuned.

Some facts



Our equipment to measure skis is used by top industry designers from major brands, because it's highly accurate in measuring. But our software is 100% manufacturer independent. Our revenus are based on shop affiliation and you are free to use our affiliate shops or not. 

Measured skis


We are measuring skis, a lot of skis! There are about 1200 new skis every year in store shelves. Our goal is to measure all of those. Find over 840 models in various length to compare on our website.



Because you cannot attend demos each week-end, you don't want to spend all you time shopping around or reading endless reviews that don't even truthfully compare, we thrive to offer a wide selection of options. You'll be surprised to discover brands you never though of.

More fun for you

Satisfaction oriented

There are no bad skis. But finding satisfaction can be a challenge for you. Our software is strictly oriented towards your satisfaction, not towards sales. Our goal is to have you ski the right equipment so you have more fun on the slopes.